Safety Tips For Riding Horses

Horseback riding is a very fun activity that has plenty of emotional and health benefits. But like all other sports, there are risks involved. Taking the proper precautions are very important when you go horseback riding.

Firstly, you need to have the right equipment and clothing, regular or plus size riding breeches, saddles, etc. You can’t ride a horse without all of these necessary things.

Don’t ride a difficult horse if you’re a beginner. You always need to consider the personality of the horse before you decide to ride it. If you’re still fairly inexperienced, stick to horses that are very docile and used to beginner mistakes. The last thing you want is to be thrown off an ill-tempered horse.

Horses are very sociable and friendly creatures most of the time, but they will retaliate if they are provoked.  For this reason, do not let children play with horses unattended. Children are naturally curious and will try to pull tails. If they accidentally hurt the horse, the horse might kick them. The horses and the children aren’t to blame in this situation, but rather a lack of supervision. When children do work with horses they should be taught from the very beginning how to act around horses. This includes being soft spoken, moving slowly and not touching it roughly.

Always wear a helmet, no matter how experienced you are. Horses have personalities of their own and if they see something that upsets them, for example a snake or someone distracting them, they might throw you off. When this happens, you definitely want to be wearing a helmet to prevent fatal injuries.

Be aware of your horse’s mood. If your horse seems restless, don’t ride them. Your horse and you should be in a good state of mind before riding.