How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

Getting married is an exciting time in your life and finding the perfect ring is a big part of that. While some might think that it’s better for the wedding ring to be a surprise, this is risky. Rather decide on your rings together to prevent disappointment. What could be worse than exchanging the ring your husband gave you on your wedding day?

Help him to choose the right ring and match your choice of bridal jewelry sets to it. Be sure to get his input on the kind of ring he likes as well.

The first step to finding the perfect ring is by writing down a list of characteristics you’d like it to have. Would you like diamond or some other gem? What kind of metal would you like? Do you want it to be simple with a single gem, or extravagant? Are you and your husband instead choosing the traditional gold bands? Knowing all these things before you go into a store will save you a lot of time. By giving the sales person your likes and dislikes, they will know exactly what options to show you and which to skip out on.

You don’t want to leave buying the rings to the last minute either. This should be done in the beginning stages of wedding planning. Remember that most wedding rings are very expensive. Once you get the price of the one that you want, you’ll need to save. You also don’t want to make a forced decision because time is running out. Visit multiple stores before you make your choice.

Your partner might want a ring that doesn’t match yours. This is okay. Wedding rings don’t have to match; they are simply a sign of you being taken. If your ring is silver and his is gold, you can still match it by getting it engraved.