How To Wear Bralettes

It’s the new risqué alternative to crop tops and it’s sure to make your mom have a heart attack. Bralettes are all over the runway and in every fashion magazine. Yet, like with most new fashions, it’s hard for regular women to feel as comfortable in it as models seem to. There are ways of wearing bralettes that won’t make you feel ridiculous. It’s all about balancing out the amount of skin you’re showing. Elan clothing has the cutest bralettes that can work with any of the styles listed below.

Unless you’re blessed with a flat stomach, you probably don’t want to wear your bralette and have your tummy on display. High waisted items are a lifesaver. If you’re still uncomfortable with the amount of skin you’re showing, throw on an unbuttoned long sleeved shirt over your bralette. An edge ensemble would be a pair of denim high waisted short and a plaid unbuttoned shirt. The bralette you wear with this can be any dark color. Pair this with combat boots or sneakers and you’re on trend without feeling uncomfortable.

Think that bralettes are only for casual days? Think again. Lacey bralettes look amazing with high waisted maxi skirts and heels. This is the perfect outfit to wear if you’re going to a formal event in summer.

If you’re really uncomfortable with the idea of leaving your torso exposed, consider wearing a bralette underneath a sheer and loose white shirt. This will look extremely cute and you’ll no longer have to worry about your bra showing through your shirt, because this time your bra showing is part of the look! This works great for beachy days and can also be done with a sheer white dress for additional coverage.

There are many more ways to style bralettes so don’t be afraid to get creative!